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Activating Windows 10 offline

Activating Windows 10 offline

Quite often, the support chat receives questions from buyers from third-party resources that they do not have a valid activation key or license. Especially for such cases, we have made instructions on an alternative activation method.
Activation will be carried out on Windows 10, the commands on other versions of Windows are not different and the procedure is identical.

Let's proceed to activation:

1) After you have made sure that you have the key. Go to the command line as an administrator:

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2) The next step in the command line is to enter: "slmgr -ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX " (where "X" is the key itself). After that, a window will appear that the key you entered has been successfully installed.

3) Next, enter the command "slui 4" to proceed to activation by phone.

4) Select the country you are in. Then click "Next"

5) At this step, you will have the following window, there will be two numbers in it — we do not pay attention to them. We are interested in the numbers at the bottom of the window. Copy them to notepad and proceed to the next step.

6) Next, you need to go to the activation service, link below:

Link to the activation service

Enter the numbers from the "Installation Code" in the marked field

7) Then confirm that you are not a robot (check the box):

8) Then select "All Windows" in the drop-down menu, the example in the screenshot:

9) Next, click the "GET" button, an example in the screenshot:

10) If all the data is entered correctly, then after clicking on the "GET" button, the service site will issue a response code for "Entering into the activation field". The example is in the screenshot above.

11) After successfully receiving the response code - Result Confirmation ID is (8 blocks of digits in an underlined frame)
insert them into the lower empty windows and click "Windows Activation":

10) That's it, if you did everything right, then your Windows 10 should be activated.

IMPORTANT! Save the key, ID and CID for future reinstallations, reactivation of Windows.

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